Greetings dear readers. Great to have you for this new article on your favorite Gospel blog. We promised you more knowledge on the Gospel. In the previous article, we defined the Gospel as the Good News, too good to be true

In this article, we are focusing on how to know if what you are listening to is the Gospel of CHRIST or just an ordinary message.

We have many preachers but the undiluted Gospel Truth is rare. If what you are listening to is the Gospel, the following will happen:

1) Joy and happiness are brought to the hearers, not condemnation and guilt. (Rom 8:1-4, 10:4)

2) Your faith is developed (Rom 10:17)

3) You are built in CHRIST and given your inheritance among the Saints (Acts 20:32)

4) You grow in salvation (1 Pt 2:2)

Faithlessness, the fear of the Antichrist, of judgement, of hell and demons, unbelief, lack of the assurance of salvation, the absence of spiritual growth in the Body of CHRIST are all due to the absence of the undiluted Gospel, not the lack of preachers or messages.

When you listen to mere messages that are not undiluted Gospel, you may grow in other things and church activities, but you will not grow in Christ or in your salvation.

I pray that from now, God will open your heart to the Gospel Truth so that every fear, uncertainty, lack of peace and lack growth you have experienced be wiped away, and you will start to grow in CHRIST in Jesus name. Amen

Pst Jonathan Okoroafor

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